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Lowes Survey

Lowe’s Customer Satisfaction survey is a means of letting customers share their experiences as they explore the store. This Lowes Survey asks questions in line with their customer’s experience. As customers provide their answers, it aids the administration of the store to have an idea of where to make improvements.

If you would like to take part in this survey, then you should check the write up from top to bottom for an accurate, successful survey and procure a chance to catch the Lowes discounts or gift cards given when you complete the Lowes Survey at www.lowes.com/survey.

About Lowes

Lowes Survey

The Lowe’s Survey is amongst the largest department store surveys like Dollar General and Walmart. Allowing you to provide them helpful feedback to aid improve the previously great conveniences at Lowe’s will assist you to have a very good shopping experience each time you shop at Lowe’s.

Complete the survey and grab the opportunity to win $300

Each time you are done with the Lowes Survey, you will get an alert of receiving free Lowe’s confirmation ticket codes on the proof of payment of Lowe’s. You can even use the code on your following visit and don’t forget to utilize the code to receive free foods or Lowe’s gift card.

What is Lowe’s Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Have you visited Lowe’s store before? Let me tell you something, living in the United States has actually made me know that Lowe’s is almost now a culture in people’s daily life. Here’s a secret of Lowe’s How to get a free reward or free food on every visit. It’s to be entered in a free annual gift card sweepstakes.

Eligibility for Lowe’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

For you to get qualified for the Lowes Survey, you should have the following:

  • You need PC/laptop or mobile phone that has fast internet access and speed
  • You must be 18 years or above to take part in the survey
  • Protect your receipt and utilize the code within
  • Take the receipt along with you on your next visit
  • You can utilize the receipt code just once on your single purchase
  • You must be good in Spanish or English language
  • Generally, you must be of United Kingdom, United States, as well as Canada residential.

Lowes Survey Prizes

  • $300 Cheque (Three hundred USD). 5 of the Three hundred USD ($300) cheques are awarded every month.
  • After each admission period, 5 Three hundred USD ($300) cheques are given to 5 different individual sweepstake champions.
  • If you participate in the survey, you’ll receive a code for your option of a free pizza or free food with an acquisition of middle-sized or bigger soft drink.
  • You will additionally be entered into sweepstakes to receive a free gift card.

Lowes.com survey details

Survey prize: $300 cheques

Purchase needed: No

Entry Methods: Mail or online

Receipt Valid for: 10 days

Maximum Entry: 1 for every week

Lowes Survey Period

Lowes Survey Sweepstakes Begins on February 2, 2019

Lowes Survey Sweepstakes Ends on January 31, 2020

This survey is Eligible for the Citizen of the – United States and Washington, D.C. and Canada (excluding Province of Quebec)

Lowes Survey Steps

Follow the given steps carefully:

  • Go to the official link via your browser on your laptop at https://survey.medallia.com/?lowes-pos
  • You’ll be redirected to the link where you have to enter the receipt code
  • Choose the language you are good at
  • You will be asked to rate (STAR) your most current visit and select from preference ranging from obsessed to dissatisfy
  • Then you will be asked to rate (STAR) the quality, varieties, and services, on a range of obsessed to dissatisfy
  • You will be asked questions concerning the environment, interior, cleanliness, etc
  • You can write down any issues, problems, or concerns that you witnessed during your visit.
  • Inquiries concerning the services and quality provided are required to be answered within the survey
  • Answer these entire questions honestly and put forward. You will grab an opportunity to win a prize that is Free Confirmation Code to Avail an Offer.

Grab Endless Free Pizza at Each Lowe’s Visit

Via this hew; you will be capable of having a free pizza or free food at each particular visit to Lowe’s. For you to partake in this new survey, you ought to perform the following:

  • Attempt to procure a receipt
  • Partake in the Lowes survey in 3 days for your final visit and ensure you protect the survey code.
  • Then you go again to Lowe’s at lowes.com/survey within 180 days and ask for s middle-sized or big beverages on your following visit to Lowe’s and ensure you bring your survey code for a free pizza or free food you would like to have.
  • Congratulations! You can currently keep your fresh receipt and partake in the survey once more to maintain your free, unlimited Lowe’s pizza cycle.

Lowe’s Customer support

Below is the customer support contact detail of Lowe’s to receive support for anything associated with www.lowes.com/survey:

  • Phone number: 1-800-445-6937, 1-704-313-1818
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lowes
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/lowes

Finally, with this little article, there is no way you will lose your free gift card, free food, as well as pizza. You can text your support, problem or concern to Lowe’s by means of the given contact details. Have a nice visit and a survey as well. And lastly, you can post any additional information at lowes.com/mylowes.

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  1. I have had a Lowe’s credit card ever since Lowe’s built their store in Ithaca, NY. I have always been satisfied with the people, the prices and the product.

  2. I have been a Lowe’s customer and have had a Lowe’s credit card since the opening of a Lowe’s store in Ithaca, NY. I have always been happy with customer service, prices, and product.

  3. Agnes waited on me she was nice cheerful and help full you need more like her.they have much better selection than ones in my are

  4. Was my first time ordering on line and picking up my items… I chatted with the online sales person first … then I paid with my Credit Card on line, went to pickup items the same day.. was so fast.. everyone was so helpful… went so smooth,,, I will not hesitate to do this again… my items were there at the front office,, I showed them my receipt , loaded up and on my way… Thank you all Very much…

  5. We love our local Lowes. People are friendly and helpful. The lawn and garden department is beautiful. Lots of ideas in the remodeling department. A few things they didnt have, but they could order for us. Thanks for being there for us!

  6. I attempted to return an item at Lowes on the 12th of April. The customer rep. could not find the item in the system. I asked to speak to the manager, when the manager arrived he looked at the item and said,” we don’t carry it”, and left, without ever acknowledging me, or introducing himself. I thought that he was very rude, and not very customer oriented.

  7. Was at Lowe’s today purchasing plexiglas. Had a wonderful associate named Daniel G. (Tools). He said he started 13 days ago. I had 3 pieces of plexiglass cut. He was very patient and so willing to do a great job and make sure it’s what I wanted. He was very kind and made my Lowe’s shopping experience satisfying. . He is definitely a asset to your store!! He’s a keeper!

  8. The Auburn Store is my go to place. Best store ever. Chris in the flooring dept. went the extra mile with his product knowledge and awesome skill set. From soup to nuts, this guy knows his stuff. I have recommended him to my friends. We are truly pleased with his people skills. Kudos to Chris!!

  9. I was at Lowe’s this morning (04-16-2019 ) . I got lumber today for my porch and the associate was very friendly and helpful. The cashier was very good at her job. Her name was Tamela. I was at Buckhannon ,Wv store # 1805 My ID# 06193 -1805-106.

  10. Dick who works at Lowe’s Home Centers, LLC, Store # 0452 in the Home & Garden Center was very professional, courteous and extremely helpful with loading my bags of mulch! I believe he is a valuable employee and makes a positive contribution to customer satisfaction by his attitude and his actions not only towards me, but to all the other customers I noticed he was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and courteous to all of them and I believe Store Management should hold him up to others as as fine example of what a Sales Associate should be in his helpfulness to customers and upholding the values of Lowe’s Home Centers, LLC.

  11. we really would like to say how nice Bree in bath fashion how great she was with helping us with remodeling our bath, Also Larry in lighting so very helpful in explaining every light that we looked at for our bathroom. They both work at the New Port Richey Fl store.

  12. Ordered a $150.00 exhaust fan on line for pick-up. I would have ordered on-line, but couldn’t apply the discount code. STRIKE ONE.
    1st person at the P-U desk was pleasant, but needed a Supervisor to apply the $20.00 discount I’d rec’d via email. STRIKE TWO.
    Rep saw two plants in my cart and said, “If you want to shop, I need to wait for the Supr anyway and I will check you out here” Ok Great! Went to lightbulb aisle.
    Came back to desk in 10 minutes but no Rep. STRIKE THREE
    Asked the Return Desk if they could page someone or help me (store not busy). “Dave” pushed some carts outside and came to the P-U desk. He told me the discount wouldn’t show up on my card for about one week. I questioned this – his attitude showed he wasn’t happy that I had questioned him. STRIKE FOUR….but then -$20. showed on the receipt
    Ok, thank you. I placed 2 lightbulbs and 2 plants on the counter.
    “You have to check out at a register, he mumbled” I asked him to repeat what he’d said as I didn’t hear him. Ok, but the other young man said he’d check me out here. “I don’t know why he said THAT (angrily)…this isn’t a register”.
    OK – but I paid for the fan here and there’s nobody behind me.
    “Whatever”, he replied. WHATEVER??? I said “Don’t you dare say whatever to me”. STRIKE FIVE!!

    You don’t say that to any customer….ever. If I’m going to take time out of my day to write an evaluation, it’s usually all positive compliments. Not this time. I was treated very poorly and you do not treat a customer with blatant disrespect.

    It will be a long time before I set foot in Lowes’ again…even with my Lowes credit card.

    1. Hi Jean, Sorry to hear that. We agree that sometimes we experience such a bad response from executives but all the company has their online complaint portal. You can also share this feedback and your thoughts on their online customer survey platform so that they can take proper action against such people.

  13. Military Discount?? Was at your Rancho Cordova store # 2341, purchased 12 full log edging and asked for the military discount and was refused the discount by a very snotty female cashier. Said that I was not in the system. What system? I have never been asked that, I had the proper I.D. and had just used it several days ago to purchase 11 of the edging. This was very disrespectful, do you offer a military discount or not. Have never been asked by Home Depot or any place else if I was in the “System”

    1. We will suggest you to provide this bad feedback to their executives/managers so that others don’t have to suffer like this. Sorry to hear that.

  14. I shop at Hempstead Rd. Lancaster Pa. Lowe’s a lot. Last evening I was checked out by a very pleasant young man with a wonder attitude. Thank you Justin for all you do. Jonas

  15. I shop at Lowes center 18303 Rim Drive I had the pleasure of meeting Bonnie 10
    a very helpful and pleasant person.
    I shop there often Bonnie 10 alway have a great attitude and happy to help out after talking to her she told me that she have a great boss I was shock so I ask to meet him.
    I got a chance to meet him he was very nice and former Military .
    Outstanding job!

    Kevin Hill

  16. Wanted to thank the outside guys that load mulch, etc. into our cars!
    Today I had 7 bags of different kinds of mulch that I needed loaded into my car. The guys that helped me were very professional and pleasant! Thanks for your help!! I was at the Oviedo Lowes store.

  17. I just shopped at LOWE’S store #0231 in Defiance, Ohio. The cashier, Bonnie, was friendly and helpful. She was a delight to be around. Since I was purchasing a lawn mower, Josh approached me and offered to put the equipment into my car. The mower weighed 72 pounds, I gladly said yes. Both of these people are an asset to LOWE’S.

  18. Over the last few days I’ve shopped at Lowe’s Killeen store on three occasions for tools and material for a new project. Each time I was assisted in finding my purchases by Lowe’s staff member “Jeff.” Jeff helped me find a metric measure, an 3/8 electric drill with accessories. Also clamps, wood glue, and boards. Jeff is a sterling example of excellent customer service. This is one reason I like to do business with Lowes, Killeen

  19. My son and I appreciated the the assistance and time helping us in our present purchase.
    We were at “Lowe’s of Waterloo, NY – the sales specialist was Guy McIntyre He was patient, helpful, and pleasant.

    Many of the other Lowe’s stores could take lessons from him.

  20. Hello! I’m going to go ahead and give you guys another thumbs up on customer survey satisfaction. This morning I had the pleasure of being helped by another one of your stellar employees at store #1117 8497 W. Thunderbird road, Peoria, AZ. 85382 tel: (623) 776-3382.
    This time it was Sonya at the check out. She went out of her way to assist me find what I was looking for. Always has a smile and greets you in a way that makes you feel special. Not everyone has that gift.
    I’ve already reached out for the Sun and the Moon to add to the five stars.
    5 shiny ones don’t do enough for me if someone goes the extra mile for me.
    That’s why I’m honored to bestow the Sun and the Moon too on her.
    Please recognize her for being who she is. Thanks!

  21. we have had no problems returning items for over 5 years. Plus I recomend Lowes for kitchen and bath appliances. since we remoduled botch kitchen and bath since. A GREAT STORE!!

  22. Shopped Lowe”s Frankfort KY 04/27/2019. Building deck, we bought a lot of material. Everyone was wonderful and very helpful.

  23. I am in the middle of renovating my home in Walkersville, Md and have been shopping at Lowe’s in Woman mills # 2826. I started young man in flooring named Stanley Kamar, he called me with my carpet quote, and from then to purchase we met several times and he was nothing but professional, knowledgeable and happy to help gave give his opinion when I asked him. He was wonderful to work with and he is awesome. We do not see that much in people today, but Stanley was great. I will be back next week to get more flooring from him. Bryan the asst. Mgr was awesome and I told Bryan what a great employee Stanley is and they were lucky to have him. Thank you Stanley for help us with this project.see you next week. Karla Ice

  24. I’m currently renovating an antique home in New England, and ordered two toilets on line expecting them to be delivered today. After several phone calls to the supplier, the truck carrier and Lowe’s customer support, I learned the toilets were in Ohio with no chance of delivery this week. The worst part is that I’m selling the house Friday morning.

    I called the customer support center and asked for a manager to get on the phone. His name is Lou and he’s in the Wilkesboro NC center. He took charge of everything! He found the toilets in stores close to me and had them shipped to me in time to meet my deadline.

    Lowe’s should know they have people like Lou working for them, and that they go the extra mile to help.

    Thank you, Lou !!!! You’re a prince !!!

  25. My name is Chad and I was in the paint Department Nikki Christina and Lisa we’re so amazing so professional very knowledgeable the paint department was fully stocked Dairy Queen it made it so easy to shop that I want to thank them so much for handling my order.then I went to the garden dept and got another amazing gentlemen his name was mark thank you lowes for having employees that care about the customer

  26. I visited the Belmont nc store on May 27 2019 on a busy holiday weekend. Terry in the lighting dept assistsed me and exceeded my expectations. She knew her stuff and saved me time and a bit of money. I thanked her and even gave her a hug. I took a picture of her tag and told her I would send in a comment. Please be sure she gets credit for doing a great job helping me.

  27. My experince at Lowe’s : First I found the door I wanted. I called the closest Lowes, which is in Shakopee, Mn. and I talked to the door expert. He told me he had a demo and said he didn’t have one to sell me but I should come over and look at it and maybe special order . My drive is approximately 15 miles. Your web contacted a door at another location which is about 40 miles from my house. I went to the closest to see the demo and it was just what I wanted. I asked if they could get it from the other Lowe’s. He called and confirmed they did have 4 in stock. Special order was 2 weeks away and then they said from the other store it would take one week or more. So the next day I drove to the store in Plymouth, approximately 40 miles away. I waited at the counter for 30-40 mins. After talking to several employees, trying to find the door expert, he finally showed. I went to find a cart, came back, and loaded it up by myself (no help). I am a disabled vet. When I went to pay for the door I asked if they offered a discount for disabled vets and he said yes but you have to go to the special desk. I showed my disabled Vet card with my name and information. He then asked me if I had my DD 214 , then he asked me at least 20 questions and after trouble with the computer (this took another 1/2 hour) he then went back to the original cashier where my door was waiting. I paid for it because he said I was ok with my discount. I took my new door and , by myself , somehow got it in my truck. When I went to take the cart back a man, even older than me, approximately 85, I would guess, had a big box which contained a lawn mower. This was on top of his cart and he was trying to hold it. I ran over to help him. He said, “I just spent over $800 and they didn’t offer to help me.” I helped him and I told him I was not offered help either. The 10% discount I was offered was not taken off the bill. I noticed this when I got home and showed my wife the receipt.

    I like my Larson Doggy Door but I felt like I was raked over the coals with this unfortunate encounter.

  28. My wife and I went to Lowes in Lakeland,fl. south.We wanted to by some French Doors. We were helped by Brian b. uchheit. He was very pleasant and courteous.He even helped us same some money.With employees like Brian you can’t go wrong. thank you for a job well done.P.S. I worked in retail for 42 years and I know a good dedicated employee when I see one.

  29. On August 6th, 2019 I was met by Brad Weeks in the lumber portion of Lowes, Brad was very helpful and very knowledge in his area. Brad was willing to assist me in locating items needed to complete my project, with his help in finding the items needed and checking the items out and helping loading the items cut down on my time. Brad was very professional, courteous.

  30. I am very disappointed in Lowes. Not in the store in my area but in trying to take your survey and remote possible winning a Lowes gift card. I do not want to have to download all kinds of free forms to enter. Very disappointing.

  31. I placed an order #390654101 online. The ship date was set for 9/16/2019 when I placed the order. Later that day I got a email saying that shipping had been delayed until 9/30/2019. Since this date was not going to work for me I started checking around with your competitors. I found another store with the same items with an arrival date of 9/16/2019. I also save over $40 since both item were cheaper and shipping to my home was free. I called your store and cancelled the order and purchased from your competitor. If you want to know your competitor is Home Depot, I think they have just taken me away from your company.

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