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An interesting fact concerning jack in the box that lots of its customers don’t have the knowledge of is that the initial shop had a blast clown at the roof part of the building.

Another interesting fun fact that is that the “jack in the box” was never discovered to bear “jack” as named. Rather, it was discovered that the founder of the “Jack In the box” is “Robert Peterson.” Up till many individuals confusingly think the founder or owner of the portal is “jack” or maybe the person named the store after his father, but no, it isn’t true.

This confuses people because, back in the year 1995 when Robert Peterson heard already started the jack in the box, doing its illusory marketing campaign, the portal mentioned “jack”, an imaginary clown evocative of the old blow up clown on the main shop’s roof, as the portal’s established.

jack in the box

Are you among those confused people about the ‘jack” owning jack in the box marketing campaign, release your feelings and let them know in the jacklistens survey? They will make you understand and also offer your 2 lovely tacos with no charge attached on your next visit. This article will benefit you a lot especially making you know lots of things you never knew about the jacklistens survey, jack listens, and jack in the box.


It’s a US-based Hamburger Company, named “jack in the box.” It was established by Robert Peterson in the year 1951 in San Diego.

jack in the box

In 1960, the jack in the box company experienced huge success, which made it able to explore, staring its initial stores outside the states, beginning with Arizona and then over to Texas. Robert Peterson was working and doing great enough to the extent of opening a restaurant to add up with the jack in the box chin, and a big portal well-known and officially known as San Diego commissary co. that he later altered its name to “Foodmaker co.” in 1950.

In 1968, Ralston Purina Co. bought the biggest organization interest in foodmaher.com and began exploring the company like crazy, increasing it to across 1,000 eateries by 1979. It discovered more potential in the western markets, and southwestern, starting lots of stores in the areas while at the same time closing lots of its Midwestern and eastern locations.

An asset team purchased out Ralston in 1985, and it went civic in 1987. Not long after it was bought by some other investment team in 1988, again going civic in 1992 trading 17.3 million shares at $15/ share. It has upgraded, and it is now operating in more than 21 states. Jack in the box offers classic fast-food hamburgers, fries, and many other delicacies, dinner foods or snacks.

To improve the services and build a loyal customer base the company presents a special www.jacklistens.com survey that users could take in alternate for two sweet tacos for free on their visit again.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, just keep reading to discover a location near to your resident and learn how to get two sweet free tacos with just taking a jacklistens survey and giving feedback.

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Sweepstake PrizeTwo Free Tacos
Purchase Receipt Valid For3 days
Discount Coupon Valid For7 days
Purchase Required?Yes (For Online Method)
LanguageEnglish or Spanish
Survey Code Digits14 (Printed on Receipt)

Jacklisten Survey Rules

  • Every mail-in and website get ten entries
  • Phone number entries are limited to one every day
  • Maximum one prize per customer rewarded each 90 day
  • Every participant must be more than 18 years of age and more
  • The winners and participants must be living in residence at the UK, District of Columbia, Germany, Denmark, Honduras, Ireland, Canada or Puerto Rico
  • Every participant must not be related to any dollar tree employee or be one their selves

Jacklistens.com survey policy and eligibility Criteria

  • You must buy something from them to be qualified
  • Protect your receipt to proceed with the jack listens survey
  • The survey must be taken after three days of purchasing and get a receipt
  • It can’t be merged with other things
  • Employees or people related to the employees in any way are not qualified to join the link at www.jacklistens.com

www.Jacklistens.com survey prizes

You are taking the survey with a lot of benefits, in a swap for captivating the www.jacklistens.com survey, you would acquire a code you could exchange for two tacos for free at jack in the box location. Here is the prize you will be rewarded with after taking the survey:

  • Two free tacos

jacklisten.com survey Process


  • Visit a jack in the box eatery location, and keep the receipt they gave you safe
  • Visit www.jacklistens.com to start the survey
  • Select your language in either English or Spanish to totalize the survey


  • Put in your code known as the 14-digit receipt code into the survey when punctual
  • Finish all the survey related questions
  • Write down the survey code at the end of the jacklisten.com survey to exchange two jack in the box tacos for free at your next visit

Jacklisten Customer Support Number

Telephone no: 1-858-522-4716.

For jack in the box online services and survey, you may visit: www.jacklistens.com