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The dollar tree was once known and named “only $1.00.” The founder and owner changed its name from “only $1.00” to “dollar tree” in the year 1993, so the company could have more price point suppleness as price rises and extensive or wholesale costs may alter in the nearest future.

The company is located and based in Virginia and has more than 14500 outlets universal. Previously, it opened and started another portal named “dollar bill” making it two companies at hand, but none of them still has the name “only $1.00” which they think is good.

They offer their customer’s a lot of products and services. The goods are meant for home care usage and day by day life including the bathroom and bedroom items like electronics, food, notebooks, and many others. The dollar tree takes the coupons it offers at its shops that began in the year 2012.


Have you heard that your feedback is really important to the dollar tree? If No! Then you should realize it now. The dollar tree values their user’s feedback, and because of this, they instituted the survey.

Dollar Tree Survey was built to collect the feedback of their entire customers like other big brands, for example, JCPenny and old navy who are in the organization. The feedback is needed to be collected daily and the company presented an entry into their weekly and daily prize and cash sweepstakes in alternate for the dollar tree survey completion.

This is a very interesting article to read. After reading it, you are ensured to get the full and original details on everything you should know about the dollartreefeedback. Lots of people who go to purchase things from dollar tree today review it positively. This means the dollar tree survey has helped the people know the right way to follow, the right thing to do to make all the customers happy.

dollartreefeedba­ survey


Dollar tree is really a big merchant that serves millions of people in its millions of store in an hour. With these, people were wondering, how they will get to know the customer’s satisfaction since they serve thousands of people in an hour. While it is not a big deal, if the company wasn’t getting their customers satisfaction, they wouldn’t have been there as they are today.

The dollar tree survey acts as an auditorium to know the mind of the customer and what they want, and also what they think will improve the portal. Your genuine feedback will enable you to get a better experience the next time you will visit the dollar tree. The dollartreefeedback benefits the customers a lot, if you take the dollar tree survey, you will be among the people that listed out to win the sum of $1000.

Dollar Tree Feedback Rewards

If you join the survey and want an entry into the Sweepstakes via an opportunity to win a sum of $1000 cash daily, you will be charged $1,500 weekly.

Visit the today and join. It is your biggest opportunity!

Check out the official rules at – Survey Process

There are three entryways for the dollartreefeedback survey. You will require to keep your receipt safely after buying from the dollar tree. With it, you can then choose either to call the telephone No of the dollartreefeedback to get direct entry or through online for a quick entry. For those who would like to get entry without purchase a thing from them, you can make use of the mail-in entry method.

These three methods are:

  • The online method
  • The telephone calling entry
  • And, the mail-in entry method. 

(1) The online method

For those who want the online entry, these are some instructions to follow:


  1. Buy something from the dollar tree store
  2. Keep the receipt at a safe place
  3. Enter online to the www.dollartreefeedba­
  4. Choose Prefered language
  5. Now Enter Survey Code found on your Receipt and click nextdollartreefeedback
  6. Provide your feedback and anser all the easy questions asked in the survey
  7. Answer them before entering into the sweepstakes

(2) The telephone calling method

For those who want to enter the dollar tree survey with phone calls, you need to know the following:

  1. Buy something from the dollar tree store
  2. Keep the receipt at a very safe and cool place
  3. Call the 1-858-205-7079 and answer every provided question for a good entry.

Note that you can only enter once in a day by cell phone

(3) The mail-in entry method

To enter with no purchase of items from the dollar tree, you might enter through the mail:

  1. Write this in a paper- “Please enter me in the Empathica day by day sweepstakes for opportunities to win (1) daily prize ”
  2. Also, write your first name, last names, home telephone number, email address, full address (no PO boxes accepted), and the name of functioning or participating client for some issues that might come up.
  3. Mail the piece of paper to the following addresses:

[Enter Month/Year]Mail-In Entry
c/o [Enter Name of Participating Client]
One Victoria Square
Birmingham, UK
B1 1DB


[Enter Month/Year]Mail-In Entry
c/o [Enter Name of Participating Client]
511 Avenue of the Americas, #40
New York, NY


[Enter Month/Year]Mail-In Entry
c/o [Enter Name of Participating Client]
2121 Argentia Rd., Suite 200
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Dollartree feedback rules

  • Every mail-in and website gets ten entries
  • Phone number entries are limited to one every day
  • Maximum one prize per customer rewarded each 90 day
  • Every participant must be more than 18 years of age and more
  • The winners and participants must be living in residence at the UK, District of Columbia, Germany, Denmark, Honduras, Ireland, Canada or Puerto Rico.
  • Every participant must not be related to any dollar tree employee or be one their selves

Dollar Tree Customer support

For those who didn’t get the information they wanted from this write up or they still want to call the dollar tree for more information about their portal, the dollar tree has made it easy to contact them with the listed links and telephone numbers below.