Krogerfeedback Survey: Get a chance to win $5000 worth benefits and 50 Fuel Points


Now there is a chance for a customer to win grocery cars, free fuel points, digital points, and the highlight is the $5000 worth gift cards. While this might seem unrealistic this can be achieved by just taking the Kroger feedback survey. Since Kroger loves its customers and values the customer opinions the company has launched the Kroger customer survey to gather both positive and negative feedback. While positive feedback is considered as appreciation, the negative feedback is highly valued for improvement.

Who is Kroger?

So one might wonder which is this Kroger Company and why are they offering such benefits. Let’s look back and see. It all started with the life lesson learned from his dad which was never to sell anything which one might not want for oneself.

KrogerFeedback Survey

Kroger was a hands-off shopping model in which case usually the person behind the counter will help with the purchase. By eliminating this process entirely, Kroger launched the self-service facility in 1916 where the customers were able to take whatever they needed. Due to this small change, the business flourished. By the time of 1950 Kroger went ahead and purchased grocery chains like Big Chain Stores Inc, Market Basket, Henke & Pilot, and Krambo Food Stores Inc.


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KrogerFeedback Survey

Going by the thought of selling what the customer wants, the Kroger survey was launched later on. They learned that by simply asking the customer what they want, they will be able to achieve this. This was one of the first stores to start the electronic scanners and consumer research section in the 1970s. The growth story continued in the 90s and in 2015 they even started a store in Hawaii. With a small investment of $372 now the company is valued at $122.7 billion.

Why Kroger Feedback?

To keep the above-mentioned number steady and to help them grow, they run this Kroger feedback which is a survey in order to improve the customer’s experience. The customer’s feedback from the survey will be taken and changes will be made in the system according to the received feedback.

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Objectives of the KrogerFeedback Survey

  • Mainly to know the customer’s experience in the products purchased at Kroger and also the service received.
  • In order to access the staff member’s performance
  • To make improvements in the products and services
  • To match with the customer expectations and needs

At the end of the Kroger feedback for fuel points survey if the employees receive negative feedback then they will be alerted and warned regarding the issues. Apart from this, there will be changes made to improve the service.

Krogerfeedback Details

Entry MethodOnline or Mail
Is Purchase Required?NO
Participant prize50 bonus Fuel Points
Final Prize$5000 / $100 Gift Card
Entry Limit in case of Fuel Point Bonus1 for every 7 days
Receipt Validity7 days

KrogerFeedback Prizes

Grand Prizes

  • 1 winner will get $5000 in Kroger gift cards
  • 100 winners will get $100 in Kroger gift cards

Fuel Points

  • 50 points for each client visit
  • 50 krogerfeedback fuel points for finishing the Kroger feedback survey
  • 50 points for funded prescriptions

Other Points

  • Digital coupon points
  • 1 point for grocery shopping

Survey Deadlines

Sweepstakes begins on –  February 1, 2019

Sweepstakes ends on – August 31, 2019

NOTE – There are Seven Entry Periods, one for each month the Sweepstakes is open. Entry Periods begin on the first day of the month and end on the last day of the month.

Random Drawing Process – There is no limit to the number of times you may enter online or by mail, however, each online entry is limited to one per receipt, and each mail-in entry must be mailed on a separate postcard. For purposes of clarification, as printed receipts will only be generated following a customer experience, all no-purchase entries must be completed via mail as opposed to
online; entry via mail is as statistically likely to win as an online entry.

Steps to take KrogerFeedback Survey

KrogerFeedback Survey

  1. Go to the site
  2. Choose any language
  3. Mention the date and time of the visit which can be acquired from the receipt.
  4. Mention the ‘Entry Id’ from the receipt
  5. Click ‘Start’ to begin with the survey
  6. Answer all the questions based on the recent experience in the Kroger store. Answer as genuinely as possible
  7. Give the respective ratings and click ‘Next’.
  8. Answer the questions in the next page for Kroger Rewards
  9. Mention the contact details. These contact details are essential to intimate the winner at the end of the Kroger feedback for fuel points survey.

Take Kroger Feedback

  • Make a purchase in any of the Kroger grocery stores.
  • Go to the website to take the survey
  • Mention the date, entry number and time as per the receipt and take the survey
  • Get entry into sweepstakes

A person can enter the Kroger feedback survey as many numbers of times he or she wants to as long as the person holds a fresh receipt.

How to Enter the Survey (By Mail)?

  • Take a postcard and enter the details such as name, phone number, and address.
  • Mail the postcard to :

Customer Survey Monthly Sweepstakes
PMI Station PO Box 3547
Southbury CT 064883547

This contest can also be entered as many numbers of times where each entry must be in separate postcards.

You can Check out Winners List HERE.

KrogerFeedback Survey Rules and Criteria

  • Only one prize per person
  • Must enter the contest within 7 days of getting the receipt
  • Age limit should be above 18
  • For every 7 days, the limit for fuel points will be 50
  • No Kroger employees can enter
  • A grand prize winner and 100 first prize winners are selected each month by around the 10th of a month
  • Must be a resident of the US with exceptions to Florida, New York, and Rhode Island.

Check Out Official Sweepstakes Rules HERE

KrogerSurvey Regulations

  • The survey should be taken only on the official Kroger website.
  • The receipt should be recent and should be valid
  • The time limit should be respected for every survey
  • Only one survey can be taken for one receipt

Necessities for the KrogerFeedback Survey

The Kroger free Friday and many other programs are performed in order to improve Customer Satisfaction at the Kroger store. For taking the survey the person should own a computer or a laptop or a mobile device. An internet connection or a wifi connection to the device is also required. Knowledge in either the English language or in Spanish is necessary to take the survey.

Kroger tries to keep up with their primary motto which is ‘Customer Satisfaction’. Help them adhere to the motto and help yourself by winning the prizes.