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Have you ever tried a meal in the subway? If yes, then you must be a great follower of their sandwiches. Subway is known as the biggest sandwich chain of America.


What if you are given free food or sandwich from the subway? This sounds naïve and astonishing at the same time, right?  But it is really that you can get a free cookie from the subway. All you need do is fill a simple survey. This survey is found at www.tellsubway.com

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It takes only your one minute to fill your subway, and you will get awarded in return.

Tellsubway.com Survey

TellSubway is a free customer satisfaction survey that enables you to give a review of the subway. You can fill the TellSubway survey at www.TellSubway.com. All you need is your invoice and some information about the subway branch you visited.


There is a code printed on the receipt which you use to fill the survey. After you must have been through with the survey, you will be given free subway cookie as a reward. Like I earlier stated, this survey is just for one minute after which you will have your reward all to yourself.

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Direct Interaction

The most important feature about TellSubway survey is its direct interaction with the customer. You can uninterruptedly communicate your complaints and ask your questions or doubts from a subway staff or representative. Note that even though you have a negative or positive feedback, your reward is still guaranteed.

Why TellSubway Survey?

With the help of TellSubway Survey, clients can state a sincere review on the following:

  • The quality of their meal
  • The kind of services they encounter on Subway restaurants
  • Subway will have an idea on clients view towards their services
  • In addition, they will be asked question connected to their experience about the value of food

Subway Survey Sites

There are few websites of Subway survey where you are allowed to fill the survey. These websites depend on your location. Some of these sites are listed below:

  • For those residing in the United States, you can fill the survey via www.tellsubway.com
  • For residents of the United Kingdom, you can fill the survey through Tellsubway.co.uk
  • For Malaysian residents, you can fill the survey on TellSubway.my
  • For those staying in India, fill via TellSubway.in
  • For Finland residents, you can fill the survey through TellSSubway.fi
Survey PrizeFree Cookie
LocationUS, UK, Finland, Malaysia
Sweepstake PeriodJanuary 2019 to December 2019
Limit1 prize per receipt
Coupon Code Valid For30 Days

TellSubway Survey Rewards

  • TellSubway offers a validation code that can be used to gain a free cookie.
  • The validation code is shown on the screen
  • Take note of it on your receipt
  • The prize cannot be swapped
  • The offer is restricted to a particular time.

Tellsubway.com Survey – Eligibility & Rules

Before you can participate in the TellSubway Survey in order to win a free Subway cookie, you have to adhere to and abide by some rules and criteria:

  • The participant of this survey must be a legal resident of the United States of America
  • During the course of the participation, the participant must be 18 years of age
  • The participant must also make a purchase from a Subway restaurant
  • At least a single purchase is a must
  • There is a limitation that each participant can only partake once
  • The participant should also have a purchase invoice

Pre-requisites of TellSubway Survey

Before you know how to fill this customer satisfaction TellSubway survey, you need to follow some prerequisites in order to have a successful survey. Some of these prerequisites are stated below:

  • For the survey, you should carry a laptop or a personal computer
  • Your laptop or personal computer must have internet access
  • You must have a subway receipt
  • You must be fluent in English or Spanish

TellSubway Survey Guide

Hearing about this awesome satisfaction, you must be imagining how to go about the filling. With this step by step guide, I will be able to tell you how to fill the TellSubway Survey by given a comprehensive explanation of the processes.


  • First and foremost, you open your internet browser
  • Then you visit the Subway official website on www.tellsubway.com
  • Immediately you tap this link, you will be redirected to another page
  • Then you put in the restaurant you visited
  • Note that the restaurant number is at the top of your receipt
  • Then you fill it online
  • Now you tap on “submit”
  • Then you will be asked some questions, and endeavor you answer them. Some of these questions are about:
  • The quality of food
  • How the food tastes
  • The atmosphere or environment of the restaurant
  • How friendly the staff members are
  • Neatness of the store
  • Reviews about the meal
  • Make sure you answer all the questions sincerely
  • Then you tap on “submit”
  • You are going to receive a validation code
  • This code is useful on your next visit to the store

Seeking for a nearby Subway Store

  • In case you feel like visiting this world popular American restaurant, you can get them through the following means:
  • Their official website on www.subway.com
  • You can also use their location locator to reach them
  • You can also use the Google map to find them
  • You can still get to them via their Subway App which is except for their clients.

Subway Customer Service

There are so many ways in which you can contact Subway Customer Service. Their contacts are:

  • The subway customer service phone number on 18008884848
  • Subway Corporate office phone number on 18884459239
  • Subway Email address on privacyofficer@ipcoop.com
  • You can also send them a letter at their address which is Value Pay Services LLC, 9200 S. Dadeland Boulevard. Suite 705 Miami, Florida 33156

About Subway

Subway is an eatery chain of fast food where you can find different tastes of submarine sandwiches likewise fresh healthy salads. Subway had its initial store was in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and the United States.

Fred DeLuca together with Peter Buck constructed the subway restaurant on August 28, 1965.

Subway is the biggest and largest eatery chain of fast food worldwide.

At the end of 2010, subway turned out to be the largest food chain all over the world having 33,749 eateries, 1,012 over McDonald’s.

In the year 2017, the food chain shut down over 800 of its US locations.

While in April 2018, the food chain publicized it will shut down approximately 500 more locations. Subway’s major product is the submarine sandwich. Additionally, this food chain also deals with wraps, salads, Paninis, baked goods, doughnuts, muffins, pizza items.