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An organizational goal which includes maximization of profit is no longer being actualized! This has gingered many organizations into digging to uncover the reasons behind it. They want to know what their customers are saying about them. They also want to know the opinion of the users of their products concerning their products and services. McDonald’s is not an exception to this quest.

They think that the best way to do it is by conducting a mcdvoice survey on their customers. This way the customers will be able to speak out their minds. “If the customers are made to give their opinion, every organization will be able to sit up in the areas where they are not doing well.”

If you are experiencing a significant setback in your business, then read through! Mcdvoice of McDonald’s will give you the intro into how to move the business! Part of McDonald’s success today is because they listen to their customer’s opinion and they try to make things right.

mcdvoice survey


McDonald’s is a renowned online global restaurant chain with a variety of offers for their special treats. It was invented in California USA by Maurice McDonald and Richard in San Bernardino. It is the world’s topmost restaurant regarding income. McDonald’s is recording over 70 million customers every day.

They function in more than 100 countries around the globe. Their outlet is about 80000 and more now! Many people know McDonald’s for the best quality hamburgers, breakfast items, cheeseburgers, soft drinks, and chicken products. They also are good at French fries, milkshakes, desserts, and wraps. Yet, that not what they are only good at! McDonald products are either eat-in or takeaway! When the customers eat at the restaurants, it is called as eat-in services; while when they demand the packaging of the food for outside enjoyment, it is a take-out service! Eat-in services are served on rubber trays decorated with paper.

The take-out, on the other hand, is always in an enclosed container. They package with a McDonald paper bag.  Upon the level of services offered, they want to still know what their customers feel about them. People don’t know about McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey. With this write-up, you will get to know much about the customer satisfaction survey.

What is Mcdvoice Customer Satisfaction survey?

This is an invention of the McDonald organization to know if their customers are indeed availing the hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed them. This Mcdvoice customer survey is done online! It comprises of questioners that are formed based on how the customers feel about their services, food, and everything.

mcdvoice survey

The customers are expected to answer the questions truthfully depending on their self-experience. Through the survey, the organization will know if all is well. Customer’s opinion concerning food, staff attitudes as well as the location is required.

If the sitting of the business is not good, the management will know this through their customer’s opinion. They aim at finding out the true feelings of their users as per neatness and other things happening in any of the branches they visited.

Importance of Mcdvoice customer survey

The uses of the McDonald’s voice customer’s survey cannot be overemphasized! The feedback will enable the management and staff of the organization to sit up. They will know why their customers are not happy and what it will entail doing better. The customers will be happier at their next visit if they find out that there are improvements. The information will help to develop the company substantially.

Mcdvoice Survey Rules and Eligibility

For you to partake in the survey, you must;

  • Be living in US or District of Columbia
  • Buy from the McDonald’s and get the valid receipt to take the survey
  • Take the survey within 8 days of your receipt data
  • Exchange your buy one have one free coupon within 40 days of taking the survey to take benefit of your BOGO coupon before it vanishes
  • Max use is 2 per customer per visit
  • Cash the value of coupon code is 1/20 of the 2 cent
  • Don’t transfer, sell or electronically duplicate copies of the code
  • Don’t share that offer with another offer
  • Each person can only partake in the maximum of 5 surveys per month

How to take McDvoice survey?

If you want to share your view and partake in the survey, do the following;

  • Get a laptop, pc or mobile online gadget
  • Buy an active printer
  • Be grounded in English
  • Get a current McDonald’s Canada receipt with the invitation to join the survey on it

Steps to take McDonald’s survey

  • Go to a McDonald’s store and buy something
  • Save the receipt
  • Go to McDonald’s survey site –

mcdvoice survey

  • Select the language you want
  • Upload the 26 digits survey code into the box (If you don’t have 26 Digit Survey Code follow 2nd method)
  • The box is at the survey homepage at the center top of the receipt
  • Upload the store number
  • Give the particular restaurant in question which you have been to
  • Enter the data as in visit date, time and money spent
  • Read the questions thoroughly
  • Answer the questions correctly and truthfully
  • Send the survey
  • And print out your coupon!

If you don’t have 26 Digit Survey Code then Follow below Steps:

  • First, go to the mcdvoice survey site HERE.

mcdvoice survey

  • Now fill up the following details (see above image as a reference):
    • Store Code
    • KS Number
    • Date Of Visit
    • Time of Visit
    • Order Number
    • Amount Spent

Once you fill up all the details Click on the START button and proceed further.

Mcdvoice Survey Rewards

On completion of the Mcdvoice McDonald’s survey, the customer may avail any of the following:

  • Free gifts
  • The coupon
  • Free McDonald’s food
  • Or, discounted food
  • Validation code which you can use to claim the offer at the restaurant
  • The offer for completion of the survey period is valid for one month only


The Mcdvoice McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey report is used to gather the view of customers concerning the services they received. Its advantages cannot be over-emphasized in the sense that it plays a crucial role in the growth of a business.

The organization needs to know if they are doing well. So they find that the reverse is the case, they will try to be better. Some staff members who relax when the owners are not there will also know that they are being monitored. McDonald’s, as the largest food store, found the need as to what the customers think about their services.

Through the Mcdvoice, customers will get the chance to say their opinion. McDonald’s strives to maintain its position as the world’s best restaurant. Therefore, with the existence of the Mcdvoice by taking part in the survey, the customer has been rewarded a coupon for a BOGO!