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Food is the number one necessity in life. Most people love food than money! Why would you prefer cash to already made sandwiches? Look, sandwiches are appetizing and have great taste especially sandwiches from subway.


If you are being offered money, you can’t use it to prepare the tasty and yummy subway but if you are offered sandwiches like subway, you will live to crave for it. Furthermore, everybody likes food especially sandwiches like a subway. Joining the train of an idea we are on, the subway is the best gift or present for almost everybody, it gives people happiness mere looking at it.

Have you been thinking of the best gift for your friend? Don’t be lost! Subway has every feature of a gift! If the person is far away from you or has a tight and busy schedule, it would be possible to send a sandwich to him or her.

Also, you would have the opportunity to hang out with the person due to his or her tight schedule. If you really want to send a gift to make the person happy “there is a way out”. Have you ever heard of Subway gift cards and e-cards? That’s the best option you should choose.

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About Subway gift card

Subway gift cards could be bought at lots of the brick and mortar subway sites, but it is the best order and purchased online at, where the customers will also sign up to join the mysubwaycard rewards program, discover subway eatery closer to them and much other information.


Purchasing and ordering my subway gift cards through the internet lets the buyer select or choose a card made from preloaded settings, but as well offers you the alternative of creating the gift in a more personal way by designing the gift card with the picture you uploaded from your tablet (any internet accessing device). One can be able to order up to nine mysubwaycard for a gift at the same time in the sum between 500 -5 USD.

If the person orders a subway gift card, Subway can even transport the subway card through the mail for the person that should consume more than two days. There are varieties of dissimilar shipping or delivery alternatives available, but the site will assist you to calculate the cost of each and every alternative, which is just the premium way for your order.

My subway card also comes with a personalized note that the person can make use of while ordering another day. The personalized note is meant so that the person ordering will not be worried about sending a separate subway card. Note that my subway gift cards appear like debit or credit cards and feature exactly like it once it gets to the checkout.

About Subway ecards

My subway ecards are just like digital versions of my subway cards that are sent to the user’s email address, or phone, as an alternative to their bodily address. This subway cards can also be personalized with personal photos and stocks images, which could be upload to the internet.

You will get the ecard almost immediately, but you can as well pick to delay the gift card up to a month or even year in the future that is immense for those instants. But if you find out that you are forgetting about it, you can quickly order it now. Just know that any time you wish to get your ecard, you will get it without query. Once you order the ecard, you should also set the send date ahead of time.

You can use the subway ecards at any subway restaurants by arranging online at order or by making use of them through the My subway App.

Is there a participating Subway near you? There could be!

My subway cards and ecards are usable at contributing subways, so it is possible they might not function in all areas. It might seem great, checking with local subway before attempting to make use of my subway card or ecard, which you have got. Are worried about purchasing a gift ecard or card for a friend, you could ensure if a subway store is near them and if they subway locations accepts gift cards by visiting and taping the “find a shop” link.

Unfortunately, if you find out that the closest subway doesn’t accept gift cards or ecards, you should think about informing the person on joining the program. If the superior finds out that some people are interested in the mysubwaycard stuff, they might likely merge the program to their former services.


  • Buy Sandwiches, get sandwiches? – Nowadays, subways lovers are searching to obtain the most likely bang for their money and corporate are searching for methods to be classic and top companies in the on-growing competitive markets. To keep them on top as the portal that gives its customers rewards for every purchase made they decided to go through the reward programs. You can register my subway card at Once you register your mysubwaycard there you will be rewarded greatly with sandwiches.
  • Registering for the subway rewards program: with the mysubwaycard rewards, all the customer will do is to get mysubwaycard registered online. The person can also be able to register fully in person for the subway card at their local subway, but you should note that all the subway restaurants don’t do this.
  • Special awarded customer: as a customer, you will feel special due to the kind of gift you go with each time you visit them. You shouldn’t be selfish to show your friends, so they can join you feel special and enjoy subway. Mysubwaycard will enable you to get the reward fast. Ordering mysubwaycard online from is the best because it saves time and strength and gets you lots of gifts – subway! How was the subway the last time you tasted it? Sweet right? This is your privilege to buy few and eat more!

MySubwayCard FAQs

  • You can load anywhere from $5 to $500 on your Subway card
  • You can use your Subway card at restaurants in the US and Canada which has MySubway card program
  • The MySubwayCard never expires, and there are no fees associated
  • Your minimum age must be 13 to get Survey Rewards
  • You must live in the US, Canada (excluding Quebec), Puerto Rico, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands or select Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) & Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) locations to be eligible for Subway rewards

Contact them:

For those who feel like contacting the customer service center, hope this will be helpful

– Visit them online – or

– Telephone – 1-877-697-8222

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