Smoothie King Feedback – Get $1 Off by Just Filling Smoothie King® Survey


Imagine you work in a restaurant where you prepare delicious food for the people and your customers keep eulogizing your dexterity daily acknowledge your mastery in providing the best meal at all time. But, you are in no position to eat or even taste what you prepare. What an agony!

That was the case with the founder of Smoothie King, Steve Kuhnau as a teenager serving as a soda maker. He was acclaimed master in the art of producing smashing shakes which he dared not taste because he was lactose intolerant, a little taste of the shakes he prepares could upset his stomach. This was never an enjoyable experience for Steve Kuhnau at that time.

Smoothie King Feedback

This led him to seek a way to end the self-denial of his dairy-based shakes (Like Dairy Queen Products) by working out smoothies that are non-dairy based, not only for himself alone but for other people in his situation. He tried some blends devoid of dairy but cold and thick and tasty drink in place of dairy-based shakes.

He went further to perfect his findings. This prompted him to open the first Smoothie King where others with the lactose intolerance conditions could really enjoy his unique, tasty and delicious shakes.

Smoothie King Feedback - Get  Off by Just Filling Smoothie King® Survey

Steve Kuhnau’s first Smoothie King became a huge success and so it is till date. His one-step-further experiment became a lasting blessing to the whole world and a permanent solution to lactose intolerant people. That was the beginning of a long story for Steve who opened his first Smoothie King in Kenner Louisiana in 1973. By 1989, the success was glaringly enormous and he began to franchise his milk-free discovery in the US and to other nations.

In 2012, Steve and his wife decided to sell the chain to Wan Kim and Standard Chartered Bank but that was after they had successfully broken the iceberg and pave way for lactose intolerant people to enjoy their own dairy-free drinks.

One Amazing thing about Smoothie King was in 1989 when the chain began selling the franchise, it has claimed the #1 spot for over 20 times by Entrepreneur Magazine and the growth of Smoothie King has remained smooth and steady.

To remain in good stead with its numerous customers, Smoothie King has developed a feedback survey scheme aiming at getting to know the honest minds of their customers, using the feedback as a useful tool to improve its service while rewarding the customers in return with an offer of $1 off.

When you sip on a nice dairy-free smoothie from Smoothie King’s store, just hold on to your receipt, and proceed to take the online Smoothie King Feedback Survey to get $1 on your next visit of Smoothie King. I know #1 is not a huge figure but every penny counts if you save that.

Smoothie King Feedback Rewards

Reward Coupon Prize$1 Off Discount Coupon
Purchase Required?Yes
Entry Limit1 Entry/15 Days
Receipt Valid For30 Days

Smoothie King Survey Homepage

Smoothie King Feedback

  • Before you can qualify to take the Smoothie King Survey, you must have visited one of its shops and make a purchase.
  • You then keep the receipt to enter the details into the online survey form.
  • When you take the Smoothie King Survey, you automatically qualified for a prize of $1 off your next smoothie purchase at any of Smoothie King chain. You can only enter the Smoothie King Survey one time in a span of 15 days, meaning only 2 entries per month.
  • You are to utilize your receipt to take a survey within 30 days of receipt date, thereafter it expires.
  • You cannot combine offers for the Smoothie King Survey. Each offer is treated on its own merit.

Smoothie King Feedback Survey Steps

  1. Make a purchase at any of the Smoothie King shops and keep your receipt
  2. Go to the official website of Smoothie King for details of the survey and real all the instructions.
  3. Answer all the questions with all honesty and based on your latest visit of the Smoothie King Store.
  4. After answering all the question, you will be offered a validation code
  5. Save the validation code and also write it on your receipt
  6. Present your receipt along with the validation code to Smoothie King shop on your next visit
  7. You will receive $1 off your next purchase
  8. Remember, you are allowed 1 survey per person or household every 15 days
  9. You must redeem your coupon within 30 days from the date on the receipt

Note: Carefully read all information on your receipt before taking the Smoothie King Survey. It is essential that you write the validation code on your receipt and present it during your next visit to Smoothie King to be able to redeem your offer.

Want To Contact Smoothie King?

If you want to contact Smoothie King, you can call the Customer Care Center Phone: 888-472-1957.

Or write through the Mailing Address

Smoothie King Franchises, Inc.
9797 Rombauer Road
Suite 150
Dallas, TX 75019.


Whether you are lactose tolerant or intolerant, you will always need the dairy-free smoothie, especially from the Smoothie King with its delicious taste. It is a great deal when you take the Smoothie King Survey and win yourself a $1 off your next purchase.

This article will be helpful to you with all the details on how you can enter the survey and enjoy the Smoothie King offer. It will be a wonderful experience to go the Smoothie King Survey Homepage right now and be part of this enticing offer.