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There is no doubt that you are not familiar with the name Nike and its iconic symbol! Nike is a footwear company originally known as Blue Ribbon Sports was founded by Bill Bowerman, a coach and Phil Knight – an athlete in 1964 with headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

MyNikevisit-na.com Survey
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Nike stores are the largest sellers of a consortium of athletic shoes and apparel in the world. Nike brand has been adopted by many sports organizations throughout the world. Apparently, Nike is a multi-billion dollar company that emerged from the union of athleticism.

MyNikevisit-na.com Survey

The name Nike was later adopted on May 30, 1971, symbolizing the Greek Goddess of victory. Nike owns numerous brands which include Air Jordan, Nike Blazers, Nike Golf, Nike Pro, Hurley International, Converse, Nike Skateboarding, and several others. Nike is an international public company and constantly offers its shares of stock for sale with a whopping revenue generation well above $24.1 billion in the 2012 fiscal year alone.

MyNikevisit-na.com Survey

Nike has many athletes as its brand ambassador notable among them is the legendary Tiger Woods. Also on the list of Nike Superstar Endorsers are Ronaldinho, Micheal Jordan, Maria Sharapova, Michelle Wie, and many others.

Besides Nike quality of sportswear and apparel, it is well known and identified with the Swoosh logo and the catching slogan “Just Do It”.  The “Just Do It” slogan helps Nike to magically drive its share of the sport-shoe business to a whopping $9.2 billion in 1998 from a mere $877 million of 1988.


MyNikevisit-na.com Survey

Nike has never stopped to entice its worldwide customers with mouth-watering offers to day. When you shop at any Nike or Converse store, you are automatically qualified to take a quick survey online of either the Nike Survey or the Mynikevisit-na.com Survey, an exercise that will earn you reward of a $10 Nike or $5 Converse gift card.

In this way, Nike is able to collect customer experience feedback for all ‘in-shoppers’ which helps the company access, determine, and improve its services.

Details about The MyNikeVisit Survey

What is the reward for the survey?$10 Nike Gift Card
Is any purchase required?Yes
Does the survey cover online purchases?No
Is the survey valid for In-Store purchases?Yes
What is the entry limit?1 per 7 days
What is the validity of the Gift Card?60 Days

Reasons for Mynikevisit-na.com Survey

  • Nike promotes athletic footwear and apparel as more than a fashion trend, it needs to keep its lead in the competitive athletic sportswear industry.
  • To gain clarity and insight from customers and their unbiased opinions.
  • To obtain an overview of the overall perception and satisfaction level of customers.
  • To get a clearer idea of what customers want.
  • To use the customer feedback for overall improved customer service.

The official page to access the survey is www.mynikevisit-na.com. Go there right now to take a survey and win a $10 Gift Card.

Mynikevisit-na.com Survey

The first step is to make an In-Shop purchase at a Nike store or Converse shop since online purchase will not qualify you for the survey.

  1. Visit the website mynikevisit-na.com, chose your preferred language
  2. Enter the 15-20 digits Code on your receipt
  3. Then answer the series of multiple-choice questions.
  4. Answer the questions honestly and give your candid opinion
  5. Some of the questions come with options while some are comparative.
  6. Answer all the questions.
  7. Then you will receive a coupon code which you can use for your next purchase.

Mynikevisit-na Survey Prizes

After completion of the survey will earn you a coupon code worth $10 Nike Gift Card if in Nike store or $5 Converse gift card if in Converse store.

Contact Nike Customer Care/Support Center

You may reach out to Nike Support Center through phone or chat online via the Toll-free number +1 800 806 6453.

You can speak with one of the representatives waiting to assist you. Alternative Nike Care phone numbers are 1 503 671 6453, or 1 800 806 6453

You can also do the live chat by visiting the official page of Nike Help.

Nike Email Address:

In case you prefer to communicate by email, you can use any of the email address below:

relations@nike.com – For the U.S. and other countries Citizens

europe@nike.com – For U.K. Europe Residents

africa@nike.com – For people in African


With this article, you can understand why you need to go for In-Shop purchases at any of the Nike shop or Converse shop. Yes, you really want to participate in the Mynikevisit-na.com Survey and be awarded the $10 Gift Card from Nike shop or $5 from Converse shop.

Nike is ready to hear from you through your feedback to serve your interest better. Each time you complete a Nike survey using the official page www.mynikevisit-na.com survey you are sure to get rewarded with a $10 Gift Card which you can use for your next purchase. It is pertinent to follow the well-laid out guidelines in this article to avail yourself of the full benefits.