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Starting from a single store since 1930, Publix has grown in the United States into the biggest grocery chain today. George Jenkins founded this employee-owned grocery chain at the age of only 22. His hometown is in Florida. At that age, he dreamt of having a large, gorgeous supermarket mall, by establishing more branches all across the United States.

It became so popular that he managed to open another branch 5 years later in the other section of the town. His dream was given a vision; a vision which became true in 1940 in the form of a gorgeous stucco supermarket mall. He had to shut down two of his older shops to concentrate on the novel shop!

Publix Survey

As of 1945, he became capable of continuously expanding his empire via the purchase of little stores, substituting them with the vision of his great Publix and developing his dream. At this time, Publix has grown to more than 1,000 stores, entirely from the first diminutive grocery store that George opened at the age of 22 in Florida his little hometown, depicting the possession of effect firmness and having a vision. What a great move from the small grocery store to this great history!

Publix Survey

One element of this enormous success is his persistent search in the best way to achieve the client’s satisfaction, which he got via a survey! Customers may take part in Publix survey and in return, they’ll get access into sweepstakes! This will give them the option of availing a winning prize of $1,000 gift card from Publix. That is more than enough to get one, two, or three grocery trips!

What is the Publix Survey?

Publix Survey is a kind of program aiming at getting Customers Feedback. It is transitional between the firm and its customers, and this enhances the firm ability to know the areas to tackle for a better future of work! People feel more satisfied when they know that their suggestions are utilized and needed!

Previously, they had a top rating for the shoe-associated items, but they still thirst for more improvement! The firm uses the customer’s positive and negative comments or feedback as to their standard for accomplishment, and they are ever grateful! The company works hard to improve their performance to avoid negative feedback to meet up with the customer’s need!

Publix Grocery shops, is a web platform, for bringing client’s ‘feedback together online! Visit the “Publix survey” as your comment matters a lot to Publix! They perk up their portal based on the customer’s feedback!

Publix Survey Rules & Eligibility Criteria

Are you planning to take Publix survey? Now follow these guidelines to the top! To take the survey, you must satisfy these conditions:

  • Must be up to 18 years and above
  • Must purchase an item to be qualified for the survey
  • Must have an entry from a family
  • Must be an officially authorized inhabitant from the “area of promo” including (Georgia, Florida, Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Alabama).
  • Must know that the sweepstakes occur once in a week

Publix Sweepstakes Reward

The prize or survey reward in Publix Sweepstakes is a $1000 Publix gift card limited to 1 prize per household (subject to the terms and conditions).

This is more than enough for everything you would ever wish to get from the stores! Join the survey and stand a chance to win rewards! However, ensure you’re a long-term customer since the survey will test your knowledge about the firm and its performances.

NOTE – The winning odds depend on the entries’ number received. Names of the winners will be declared subject to the verification of their eligibility.

Sweepstakes Deadlines

The starting and ending date of this survey is in the Promo Chart below:

The sweepstake is open between July 1, 2019, to September 30, 2019

Drawing DateEntry Deadline#Names
September 1, 2019July 31, 20191
October 1, 2019August 31, 20191
November 1, 2019September 30, 20191

Steps to take Publix Survey Detail

The details below would help you to complete the Publix survey and get into the sweepstakes! You can stand among one of the gift card winners!

Publix Survey

How to enter Online?

Publix Survey

  • Select the language that you’re familiar with and conversant with between English and Española.
  • Enter the survey code, store numbers, and the time plod of your visit. All these are mentioned in the receipt.
  • Answer the survey questions sincerely as asked for your feedback to help the store in growing better.
  • By the time the survey ends, you obtain an opportunity of entering sweepstakes as you enter your details, like your name, home address, phone number, as well as an email address.
  • As soon as you become the winner in the sweepstakes, you’ll be notified!

To Enter by Mail

Customers can start the survey by mail even without buying anything at a Publix Store. Just follow the directions below!

  1. Customers should write the name, email address, home address, phone number, and date of birth on a mail.
  2. Send the mail to:

Publix Customer Voice Survey Sweepstakes Spring 2018 Entry, or

Attn: Marketing/Research, 3300 Publix Corporate Parkway, Lakeland, FL 33811.

Publix Contact Details (Customer Support)

If you ever have an issue or query you feel like ironing out, contact Publix agent/customer support via;

Phone: 1-800-242-1227

Customer Support Service: 24/7 assistance


Address for Mailing: Summer 2018 c/0 Publix, 3300 Publix Corporate Parkway, Lakeland, FL 33811, United States of America.

Operation hours: Monday to Friday: 7 am to 10 pm, while Saturday and Sunday: 9 am to 2 pm.

Hope you got what you’re searching for…Get started to grab the best opportunity at Publix! Move on to grab the chance to win a gift card within the sweepstakes!

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