Pei Wei Feedback – Fill up Official Pei Wei Feedback Survey to Get Free Cookie


Imagine the close similarity between the names of the popular PF Chang’s and Pei Wei restaurant, it is no mere coincidence. Pei Wei is a pet creation from PF Chang’s restaurant in 2000. The management of PG Chang’s discovered the need to step low a bit to be able to tap into the benefits of the fast-growing pan-fried casual Asian food market which is less formal, fast growing, and cheap.

Pei Wei Feedback

PF Chang’s retain and remain the group’s mainstream operational head, dealing on the more elitists full-service restaurant section, while Pei Wei tends to cater and tend to the less expensive, ever-growing and busy cheap fast-food chain.

Pei Wei Feedback

The two segments eventually separated into two different entities in 2017 and Pei Wei Asian Diner later transformed into Pei Wei Asian Kitchen in February 2018. Pei Wei has ever remained as a doing-good entity since the formal separation.

Pei Wei feedback

To ensure it maintained its steady growth, relevance, maintained its present success story, Pei Wei has stepped forward to engage its numerous customers to provide feedback concerning its operations and service via Pei Wei Feedback survey through its online platform –

Pei Wei Feedback Prizes

There are two types of prizes when you give a pei wei feedback for this survey:

1. A free cookie or

2. Prize printed on your receipt.

Note that: Pei Wei may change the prize any time, it is therefore for you to check your receipt to ascertain your specific prize. Survey Details

There are some few details you need to be accustomed to before you take a survey.

  1. You need a purchase before you can take part in the survey.
  2. The prize is “A Free Cookie”.
  3. You need to enter the survey with your receipt within 3 days from the date of purchase.
  4. Your coupon is valid for 30 days. Survey Rules

As usual like every survey, there are some rules guiding Survey.

  • To enter the survey, you need to purchase something at any Pei Wei shop
  • You must take the survey within 3 days from the date of your receipt
  • You must redeem your coupon within 30 days of taking a survey

NOTE: For other details, terms and conditions check your receipt.

Pei Wei Feedback Steps

  1. To be able to take part in the Pei Wei Feedback survey, you have to buy one or more items from a Pei Wei location
  2. Don’t forget to keep your receipt safe to fill up the online Survey.
  3. Proceed to the official survey platform which is –
  4. Next step is to enter your 15 digit code on your receipt to enter the survey
  5. Make sure you answer all survey questions as prompted on the survey page.
  6. Answer all questions with all honesty and based on your latest experience at Pei Wei Restaurant
  7. You will receive a validation code after completion of the survey
  8. Save and write down the validation code on your receipt to get a discount on your next Pei Wei Visit.
  9. Go to any Pei Wei shop with your receipt and validation code to redeem your prize on your next Pei Wei visit Survey Homepage

Pei Wei Feedback

When you are at the Survey Homepage, you will notice the bamboo band at the top, a feeling of the Orient.

You will have to appropriately enter the 15 digit survey code on your receipt. This will allow you to start the survey. You may not gain access to the survey without the 15 digit survey code.

Contact Pei Wei

If you want to find out Pei Wei Branches then visit the menu page and enter the ZIPCODE of the are and it will show you whether there is Pew Wei Restaurant or not –

You can contact Pei Wei through the online or via mailing.

Pei Wei Asian Kitchen
6191 N. Highway 161, Suite 300
Irving, TX 75038

In Summary

What a wonderful experience for you to take a Free Cookie each time you take the Pei Wei Feedback Survey. It is a very rewarding effort. You help Pei Wei to know your honest feeling through your feedback and this will help them to serve you and your loved ones better each time you visit their shop. When you share your experience with Pei Wei through the Pei Wei feedback Survey, great things happen!