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Suppose you are seated conveniently in your car close to a high-tech curbside speaker, speaking to the speaker and telling it what you want to eat, and then having your appetizing food brought to you very hot while still seated in your car excited about the way things are happening. That is what happens whenever you visit sonic.


What I am trying to say is that this might be a normal happening to you that you might neglect, but back then in 1953, nobody could sit in the cars, order conveniently, and their meal brought to them every minute.

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The first Sonic was founded in 1953 which was the first drive-in restaurant in the United States of America and totally transforming the world of fast food, and so many other individuals’ world in general.

Logo Belongs to Officials Sonic Franchise.

Sonic is such a cool, inventive name which has always made me think it was chosen because it sounds so calm. But this happens not to be the case. Sonic was formally called “Top Hat” which does not have any attractive meaning.


Sonics curbside speaker technology speedily gave the store a slogan for their fast service, which used to be “service at the speed sound.” Immediately the owner found out that “Top Hat” was not working for them, but “service at the speed of sound” now sounded calm. With this, it was able to make a nice acronym SONIC. It took about seven years before the name was changed from “top hat” to “sonic” a very nice option and spin as it signifies their fast service and it sounds calm.

Presently, sonic has improved to be a busy and victorious chain of restaurants, helping over 3 million hungry and happy clients every day. One of the main reasons why I always want to visit sonic is because of their TalkToSonic survey where you have the opportunity to answer some questions and get a free coupon to be used for a free soda or iced tea. Keep searching to find out how to penetrate and snag a free soda for you.

Sonic Survey Details

PrizeFree soda or iced tea
LocationIt is located in the United States of America
Age CriteriaYou must be 18 years and above to take part in the survey
How to enterVisit online with your laptop
Validation of receiptThe receipt is valid for just two weeks
Validation of coupon codeThe coupon code is valid for just approximately two months

TalktoSonic Survey rules and eligibility

  • you must make a purchase at any sonic store
  • You must be a resident (citizen) of the USA in a US sonic
  • You must be 18 years and above
  • Only one survey and prize per invoice is allowed
  • Make sure you save your invoice for you to enter the survey
  • Endeavor to log into the survey within two weeks of your purchase
  • You must use your free soda coupon code within two months of taking the survey.
  • You should have visited the Sonic drive-in within two weeks from the recent date
  • It is very significant to have a bill identification card number from the restaurant you present bought from
  • You can only have the validation code free of charge if you finish the survey until the end
  • This validation code is only useful for two months from that day it was created.
  • This code can be used to reward only one free drink
  • Each person can buy back only one coupon per visit

Sonic Survey Reward

Winner of the survey will get Free soda or iced tea

Steps to take Sonic Customer Feedback Survey

The guides to have the validation code by finishing the survey are easy and not too difficult. Just abide by the following instructions below:


  • Firstly, open with your PC or mobile Smartphone browser, and you will find the survey page which is available in two languages, English and Spanish.
  • Then you put in your bill identity card number situated at the base of the invoice
  • Then you answer the questions from there till you get to a hundred percent.
  • Then if you wish to give your email address and phone contact, you will be given offers from the store in the future.

Note: All the information you provided will assist the company to enhance their services, therefore take your time to give correct information.

When done with the final steps, you will be given a validation code that you should put down for reference purposes, or you can decide to print it alongside your receipt and make use of it on your next visit in route 44 Sonic Drive-in for free drinks.

Different people are not aware that they can do this as long as they want and are not restricted to the total number of free sodas and iced teas you can get.

TalkToSonic Survey FAQ

“how do I get the coupon code”?

=> The answer is very simple. It is very simple if you abide by the instructions above. Immediately you have the coupon code you can use it on your next visit.

Customers also want to be sure if their details are safe. The information which you gave when filling your information can be used by the website for their enhancement and also read more on the privacy policy to know more.

how many times can I use the code?

=> The code can only be used once after which it becomes invalid and expires.

How can you Contact Sonic?

One can reach sonic through email mode which is; or through toll-free number which is 1-866-657-6642.